Welcome! Power System Analysis labwork is a part of Laboratorium Teknik Sistem Tenaga I subject. In this laboratory activity you will explore about principal of power system performance analysis, power system protection, design and simulation of power system using software including power quality and short circuit. Here are our five modules for Power System Analysis labwork:

1. ETAP Powerstation
introduce one of power system simulation software, Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP) and implementation of Load Flow, Short Circuit, and Harmonics Analysis using ETAP.

2. Performance on Transmission Line
Understanding load sharing on generation system and Observe the events occur on transmission line, such as drop voltage, line charging, and effect of load types.

3. Protection Coordination of Power System
Implementation of setting protection calculation on power system using Powerplot software. Understanding how good protection coordination on power system, and showing how to set the over current relay.

4. Sistem Monitoring Mini Scada
Introduce the concept and principle work of SCADA, so that further analysis can be done based on parameter measured on SCADA.

For further information please contact Indrawan Gunartono (@indragunartono) as our coordinator for Even Semester 2016/2017