PV Dual Tracker

PV Dual Tracker is a breakthrough technology to improve the efficiency of PV module. This technology uses method of tracking the position of the sun by using dual tracker system. So that PV modules are always conditioned to face the sun perpendicularly. With this technology, PV modules able to follow the daily and monthly movement of the sun. The results obtain power output much greater than PV system with only…

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Smart Meter

SMART METER is an innovative technology of conventional power meter that usually installed at home or building of power consumer.  On this newest power meter system, there are several breakthrough technologies, such as ability to detect an operating load. This detection has done by reading the curve of starting load at transient state that is used as identity of each load. Each load has its own characteristic and curve at transient…

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Smart Switch System

SMART SWITCH is software for long-distance switching based on smartphone application integrated with Zigbee System as communication device in this software. This software simply able to online switch-off or switch on some electronic devices via smartphone in long distance. As long-distance controller, Smart Switch also has another superiority such as able to collect the total energy used by system in real time, able to be operated via internet network, and based…

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Power Optima Simulator (POS 2.0)

Power Optima Simulator (POS 2.0) is a online software for optimal operation of power system based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). This simulator software facilitates the user particularly power system dispatcher to determine operation scheme of some generator units that is integrated in a power system so the optimal operation of each generator unit get as result with low operation cost and appropriate power flow. To develop this software, some power system…

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